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FBF Inc. Steel Fabrication Companies

We are a metal fabrication company located just outside Philadelphia and logistically convenient to New Jersey, NYC, Harrisburg, Delaware and Baltimore Maryland. Our management team started with the company over 30 years ago as tool and die makers, CNC machinists, metal fabricators and pressmen doing custom sheet metal fabrication when Ford and GM were producing light and heavy duty pickups like it was going out of style. Detroit needed steel fabrication companies that could feed their assembly lines and we supplied the demand with high quality metal parts.

Metal Fabricators Philadelphia

Today Joe rides a Harley WideGlide and has grown FBF Inc into one of the region’s biggest custom metal fabricators. We have diversified our offerings to serve many different industries. Such as progressive metal stampings for the electrical products industry, complex metal parts manufacturing and assembly for HVAC clients, metal forming projects for the US Navy as well as instore displays, metal brackets for the Building and construction industry and so much more.

The company started out as a tool and die shop in 1942 and eventually began adding metal fabrication equipment in the mid 1970s. Today we have over 35 full time employees and many have been with FBF Inc for over 20 years. Turnover is low because the work is consistent and we treat our team like family, always looking out for each other. Joe, our president is active with the local community, workforce development efforts in the region and spends some of his free time overseeing the metal fabrication program being taught at Bucks County Community College.

Metal Fabrication Company that Supports American Manufacturing

We are doing our part to support the Made in America Movement by buying American Made products whenever possible and we encourage our community to do the same. We understand that a growing demand for USA made products is good for the US economy as a whole. The US lost 5.7 million manufacturing jobs between 1998 and 2013 as a result of favorable international trade policies with countries that pay their employees very low wages. That is NOT good news for our country or our workers and their families. While we have to rely on policy makers to fix these mistakes, the trade deficit, currency manipulation problems with trading partners and the flow of international goods into our economy, we can have an impact on our community by influencing the demand for American Made goods. We do that by speaking with local consumers, business owners and students about the importance of US Manufacturing Jobs and how buying American Made brands helps improve our economy. Here are a few of the American Brands we have made metal parts for over the years.

Quality Policy

The employees of FBF Inc. shall strive to exceed our customers’ expectations of Quality and Delivery performance through the utilization of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System registered through Intertek.  This system shall be the foundation of our commitment to continuously improve our operations and become a World Class manufacturer.