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Our production assembly services will help you minimize your supply chain, reduce shipping costs and speed up the manufacturing assembly process of your final parts. 25,000 square feet of our production floor is devoted to our contract assembly services. Our full time employee base are all skilled assembly workers too. Many projects require secondary operations like machining, drilling, installing hardware, etc. Inspection and Quality Assurance managers oversee your project with watchful eyes, measurement tools and testing equipment. Most of the metal fabrication projects we get involved with require additional steps along the assembly line. Here are some projects we have been involved with:

If we can reduce your production costs and speed up your time to market, wouldn’t you consider using FBF for your product assembly and sub assembly needs?

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Metal Parts Assembly

manufacturing assembly partner in pennsylvaniaAssembly of metal parts into electro mechanical assemblies is just the tip of the iceberg of what we do for our clients. Often clients ask us to manage the contract assembly process, the packaging and distribution steps of the final product. Our distribution services for contract manufacturers includes receiving materials in from 3rd party vendors, combining the sub assembly components we helped manufacture, overseeing the QC of your final assembled parts and then re-packaging in your branded packaging materials.