Welding Services for Custom Steel Fabrication Projects

All our welders are experienced in specialty gas welding such as TIG welding for our high quality steel fabrication, MIG spot welding for projects that require speed and volume and for softer metals like aluminum.

We apply resistance spot welding processes for much of the automotive work we do and when the volume warrants, we have robotic welding partners that we can sub work out to. When we get involved with custom metal works projects that require a specialty service we don’t have in-house, we have a wonderful network of custom metal fab shops within The Manufacturing Alliance that we interact with regularly.

Resistance Brazing

We use resistance brazing for complex assemblies of different metals. Some specialty joints are better sealed with resistance brazing where heat must be restricted to prevent overheating of other parts. Our filler material varies between aluminum-silicon alloys, silver-base alloys, and copper-zinc alloys.

Seam Welding Services

Leak tight joints are sometimes produced on our seam welding equipment. This equipment uses a rotating copper alloy wheel for a high quality continuous welds at higher speeds.

If we can reduce your production costs and speed up your time to market, wouldn’t you consider using FBF for your product assembly and sub assembly needs?

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