Our large stamping presses have allowed us to be very versatile. We recently added another 500-ton progressive die stamping press that will help clients reduce their per part costs and speed up the production of some more complex metal parts. Introducing our newest member of the family.

Our 500 Ton Progressive Die Stamping Press

Reduce Metal Stamping Costs

The best way to reduce metal part costs is to accomplish more metal forming tasks inline rather than multiple passes through various pieces of equipment. In the case of this automotive part we make for the GMC Colorado, we are using a 10-stage progressive die. We have made parts with over 24 metal forming stages for other more complex parts. This press can also handle up to 8mm thick High Strength Low Allow (HSLA) carbon steel and we can pass the thicker sheet metal through a straightener inline rather than offline.

Another feature that makes this press very appealing to other metal part manufacturers is the speed at which she can run and the enormous bed size. With a 53” x 108” bed, we have the capability of producing very large parts most shops can’t handle. When cranked up to full speed, this press can run at 60 strokes/min. for simpler jobs and 30 strokes/min. for the heavier metal projects. That is 3-4 times faster than most 500 ton presses.

Types of Metal Parts That We Produce on this Press

  • Automotive Parts (Chassis, Frames, etc.)
  • Commercial Appliances (Stoves, Refrigeration Equipment, Dishwashers, etc.)
  • Landscaping Equipment (Riding mowers, Blades, Frames)
  • Tractors & Heavy Equipment
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Building Materials

With this newest addition to the FBF Inc. arsenal, we can help you make bigger parts faster than most metal stamping companies in Pennsylvania. We look forward to earning your trust as a valued supplier of metal stamping services. For a quote, you can upload your pdf drawing here >>