Sheet Metal Stamping

Unlike other metal stamping companies in Pennsylvania, FBF Inc. delivers precision metal stamping solutions using an array of metal substrates such as hot and cold rolled steel, aluminum, brass, copper and Inconel. We purchase over 135 tons of raw metal sheets and coils per month. We stamp out simple coins the size of a shoelace eyelet to complex HVAC fan units that we later assemble into final electro-mechanical units ready for shipping. We do blanking and metal forming for electrical clients, automotive parts that must pass rigorous testing and custom metal stampings that are used in displays, building products, appliances, tools, office furniture and heavy tractors somewhere down the assembly line.

We have a number of manual hand transfer presses for short runs, embossing, ornamental work and complex metal parts. Then we have a number of heavier presses that tackle the bulk of our mid size production runs. We believe in cross training all employees on several pieces of equipment and therefore we have the flexibility required to move jobs in and out quickly. Then for the longer runs, we offer…

Progressive Stamping

Long run metal stamping is available to clients on 12 progressive die stamping machines up to 500 ton. Progressive metal manufacturing is for projects that require multiple operations (forming, piercing, drawing, countersinks, etc.) in the production process. Usually jobs that are over 10,000 parts per run and the cost of the tooling delivers a greater return on your investment required to produce the same part on a hand transfer presses.

Our custom metal stamping services are superior to most competitors because of our commitment to quality, low costs and shorter lead times.

Let us prove to you that FBF Inc. is right for you.

Prototype Development & Die Making

Early Supplier Involvement in the design process will help you develop a prototype that is cost effective in the long run. We encourage clients to get us onboard once you are committed to the end product and need a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and assembly review. Stamping dies and the production process can be very expensive and we can look at your project from an entirely different angle. Our prototyping team is composed of CAD technicians, mechanical engineers and die making professionals that can offer the design assistance that makes the best sense for your long range goals.