Laser Cutting Services for Sheet Metal

Our fiber laser cutting services is the most advanced in the sheet metal industry. This “Cutting Edge” technology reduces downtime, uses about 1/3 of the energy required by CO2 lasers and offers us extreme accuracy. Most sheet metal laser cutting services causes burn marks to appear on the cut edges. Therefore metal coatings and finishing must take place after the sheet metal cutting process. Not with our Trumpf Fiber Laser. You can paint and apply coatings prior to the cutting process and end up with smoother, cleaner cuts without the damage to most coatings. Even with thicker steel laser cutting, we are able to deliver smoother, cleaner cuts without the need for secondary processes like deburring.

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Precision Metal Cutting – Shearing and Notching

Our sheet metal shearing and notching takes place on equipment capable of handling sheets up to 10 feet long and 1/4 inches thick. We run 3 turret presses and metal cutting machines that are capable of shearing without deformation of both thick and thin metal materials. The speed and efficiency of our shears keeps your costs low when you need basic metal sheets sheared to size.